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Learn more about our project and our goal towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrency throughout the world.


Why support the JILTOKENS project?

For so many, the crypto space is a very confusing place. There are issues such as exchanges, trading, volatile prices going up or down daily, new ideas to learn, and mathematical conversions of money.

Our mission is to help individuals navigate through the world of cryptocurrency.

A reason to support us is for our main project, which is called the J1. With the simplistic nature of our J1 token, we have taken all of the complication and fear out of crypto. It is a cryptocurrency that can replace fiat, gift cards, credit cards and their multiple associated fees as well as eliminate the need for money transfer services.

A key factor of any crypto is its utility. If you cannot use it for something, such as a payment solution then it has no perceived value. With the J1 utilized as an alternative payment solution, its utility is high.

Therefore, the J1 is an important game changer for users, merchants, and the entire crypto space as a whole. It is the money of the future! Read our white paper for more details.

White paper

Smart solutions are the core of all that we do at JILTOKENS

Unique Token

Unique Token

JIL was "birthed" in late August of 2018. It was created because we recognized the many issues associated with traditional cryptocurrency and at the same time, we saw that the world of crypto had not yet achieved mainstream acceptance. Upon examining the possible reasons as to why, such as volatility, confusing terminology, and complex acquisitions, this set us on a mission to solve these problems and our J1 token is destined to be the answer.

Strong Network

Strong Network

Our main goal is finding smart ways of using technology that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. JILT are ERC-20 tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain which employs smart contract protocol. The language is ‘Turing-complete’. Turing completeness is a term used to identify a computer or software that is capable of solving any problem like a Turing machine. This means it supports a broader set of computational instructions or code, much broader than Bitcoin. The J1 is set to deploy on a private network that is just as equally technologically advanced.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Security is a top priority. Thanks to blockchain technology and p2p transfers for our J1 token, your transactions are safe from hacking, being lost or fraudulent tactics. By using our JILTOKENS products responsibly (storing them securely in a wallet) no one can steal your tokens, pin number, passwords or any other personal information. And with hacking becoming more common, it is nice to know that your crypto is only being used by you or your recipient!

Instant Exchange

Fast Purchase

JIL maintains its speed due to blockchain technology. When transactions hit the blockchain, they are completed as fast as possible whether it is the Ethereum network for our JILT token or a private one for the J1. Additionally, most ERC-20 compatible wallets allow fast p2p transfers for the JILT. The J1 is destined to be fast because it will be primarily utilized through p2p transactions.

World Coverage

World Coverage

Our vision to make cryptocurrency accessible and understandable for the mainstream population is manifesting through our JILT token, which has gained recognition throughout the world. Our J1 token will continue the mission by having uncomplicated and straightforward monetary values. With the J1, we dream of a world where it is a primary form of payment utilized for transactions, at retailers across the globe. Both of our tokens gives everyone a key that opens the door to our virtual cryptocurrency future!

Mobile Apps

Easy Access

Whether you are buying or transferring the JILT (and coming soon the J1) the process is seamless. Most of the exchanges where JILT can be found are not complicated to navigate. The J1 is easy because when implemented, it will not have a fractional value like other cryptocurrency. And since it will not require exchange rate calculations, you will always know how much J1 is purchased, owned or spent. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

The Roadmap

Here is a quick look of where we have been and where we are headed.

August 2018

Development of the project idea

Since its conception late August of 2018, special attention has been maintained to keep the J1 affordable, accessible and simple.

February 2019

Growth and recognition of project idea

At only 3 months old, the JILT found its way to its first exchange. They moved out of the US. At 6 months, we landed our 2nd exchange listing. The London-based exchange is now defunct. Additionally, JILTOKENS received its first website makeover.

August 2019

The project continues development

As the JILTOKENS project turned one year old in late August, major team discussions on advancement and advertising were being planned.

November/December 2019

Airdrops and Advertising

First successful airdrop and advertising campaign that brought worldwide attention to JILTOKENS across all social media. The JILT was listed on Coingecko and EXNCE its 3rd exchange listing.

February/March 2020

Continued development of our platform and idea.

JILT becomes listed on several exchanges. During redistribution, we listed with TokenLake exchange. JILT is listed on Coingecko and Coindataflow. Our logo established on Trust wallet. We became registered in Nigeria and incorporated as JILTOKENS INDUSTRIES LIMITED.

August 2020

Development of main project goals

At this time, the J1 will be operational with coordinating and vital supporting elements in its ecosystem. Major advertising campaigns throughout all media outlets and to merchants will be conducted.

Core Team

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Dina M. Jones

Founder and CEO of Jones Industries, LLC U.S. and JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria

Adigun Omodolapo

Chief Managing Director and Registered Agent of JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria

Muhammad Umair

Web Designer & Front End Developer for Jones Industries, LLC U.S. and JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria

Jamshaid Ali

Back-End Developer for Jones Industries, LLC U.S. and JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria

Adebola Yusuff

Legal Counsel and Business Advisor of JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria